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Testing & QA

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It is important in any project to perform quality control of both the process and the output of the project; Enterprise Architect provides several facilities for testing and validating your model structure and content, including Integration with the unit testing tools JUnit and NUnit.





Create and manage test scripts for model elements. Explore the Testing user interface, supporting unit, integration, scenario, system, acceptance and inspection tests.

Model Validation

Check UML elements, diagrams or Packages against known UML rules (identified in configuring validation) and constraints defined within the model, using the Object Constraint Language (OCL). Define your own checks against custom rules and constraints. See the Model Validation Help topic for more information on setting up model validation rules.

Testpoint Management

Pass or fail application tasks, viewing test results in real time as the program executes and results are saved. See the Help section on Testpoints for more information on setting up and running automated tests.

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