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Properties Window - self-inconsistent field fonts
« on: May 06, 2019, 10:09:30 am »
I have previously queried the rationale for the tab order on the new variable context properties window.  (BTW: as you may notice on the other post, I've now discovered it is self-inconsistent)

For a while now, I've noticed that the font appears to change size depending on whether you were entering a value or observing the value.  The change in font size appeared small (say 9pt to 10pt) - enough to be noticeable, but just small enough to not warrant a defect report.

We were wrong...

For various semantic reasons we decided to use two types of parentheses - to allow us to embed related information in the vertex name.  By chance, I found the "Ornate Left (and Right) Parenthesis" ﴾  ﴿ in the Arabic section of the Unicode Character Map.  I entered them into the [Name] field of the form and to my delight, the name of the vertex on the diagram also changed!

Imagine my dismay when I looked back at the [Name] field to find that the name filed didn't contain the Ornate Parentheses, but ordinary parentheses!  I placed the cursor back into the [Name] field and "lo and behold" the Ornate Parentheses re-appeared!

<rhetorical question>
Can anyone explain the rationale for using two different fonts covering who different code sets for the same input box?  In particular, using a font for observation which DOES NOT mirror the font shown on the diagram?
</rhetorical question>

I thought not, I guess "it's a bug, ".

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