TOGAF 9 Interface
TOGAF 9 Interface
Traceable Relationship Matrix
Traceable Relationship Matrix


The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is one of the most widely accepted methods for developing enterprise architecture, providing a practical, step-by-step approach.

MDG Technology for TOGAF helps enterprise architects to align business processes and IT systems with strategic enterprise goals under the TOGAF 9 method. The technology allows practitioners to:

  • Implement all phases of the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM)
  • Create visual models of As-Is and To-Be architecture
  • Model all four TOGAF architecture domains: Business, Application, Data and Technology
  • Productively document all TOGAF work Products

Key advances in this release include:

  • New support for the TOGAF 9 framework
  • New Architecture Content diagram type for TOGAF 9's Architecture Content Metamodel
  • Updated BMM toolbox with detailed support for OMG's official BMM 1.0 specification
  • Expanded Enterprise Continuum with Architecture and Solution elements and ADM toolboxes
  • Enhanced impact analysis using new dependency relationships in the ADM toolbox: Business, Information, Workflow, IT and Foundation dependencies