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New server based deployment options and integration points with Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server, Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate provide a highly scalable and effective solution for integrating, visualizing and managing your past, present and future architecture, capabilities, processes and assets.


Registered users have immediate access to the installer

Unified Product Range and Licensing

A new approach to licensing now sees the Pro Cloud Server as the perfect enabler for a broad range of Enterprise Architect teams.

Base Install - Instant access to your repositories for EA clients

Registered Enterprise Architect users can download and install the Pro Cloud Server, free of charge and take advantage of the following:

  • Performance: Greatly improved performance for models in distributed environments
  • Simplified Deployment: Client's don't require any third party drivers or external connection definitions
  • Security: All communications between Enterprise Architect and the Pro Cloud Server can be encrypted using standard SSL
  • Scalability: Share an unlimited number of models with your entire Enterprise Architect client base
  • Manage: Manage your Pro Cloud Server environment with ease

Scale Up the Base Install

The all new Token based licensing system lets you scale up your Pro Cloud Server efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Tokens can be used to enable just the functionality you require
  • ONE Token can be used to enable ONE web based user (WebEA, Prolaborate or OSLC).   Please Note: Prolaborate requires a separate license
  • ONE Token can be used to enable ONE Integration Plugin (Jira, ServiceNow, etc)
  • Token allocations can be changed at any time
  • Prioritize Token usage
  • Monitor your token usage in real-time
  • Share up-to 7 cloud based models with your web based users
  • Token Licenses are a cost effective solution if you require a small secondary Pro Cloud Server environment for testing or staging


Token Licensing for Small Teams and Workgroups

The Token based licensing approach is an affordable entry point for workgroups and small teams, you only need to purchase as many Tokens as required to suit your environment. Simply determine the number of web users that need concurrent access, plus the number of integration interfaces to enable and purchase the required number of Tokens.

Additional Tokens can be purchased at any time and will seamlessly increase the number of available License Tokens as your business and demand scales.


Premium Editions for Large Teams and Enterprises

The Premium Editions are better value for medium to large teams and Enterprises as they support an unlimited number of web users and Integration Plugins.

The Premium Editions also support Visibility Levels and the Floating License Server.

The Team Server edition now supports up to 7 models that can utilize 'Pro Features' (WebEA, Integrations, Prolaborate, OSLC etc), while the Enterprise Edition has no limit.


New Web Based PCS Configuration

Configuration of the Pro Cloud Server and WebEA is now easier than ever.

Browser Based Configuration Client

You can now configure your Pro Cloud Server from a Web Browser, without directly logging onto the server. Whether you are performing the initial Pro Cloud Server set up, or referring to the latest Server Logs, the new Web Client gives you quick access to the options and data you need.

  • Create and manage connections to SQL Server and Oracle based repositories.
  • Manage connections to MySQL and PostgreSQL based repositories. Note: the initial definition needs to be created by the Windows Configuration client.
  • Create a new Firebird Cloud Model directly from the Web Client. Simply select the 'New Firebird Model' option and give your Model a name.
  • All configuration options are accessed via a single Home page, including access to Floating licenses and Log files (which are not accessible directly from the Windows Configuration Client).
  • Tooltips provide detailed information on each option, reducing the need to refer to documentation.
  • Alerts will be displayed within the interface for invalid or incomplete configurations, with tooltips providing additional information.


Browser Based WebEA Configuration

WebEA now comes with its own configuration page, so there is no need to manually edit configuration files on the server.

  • Use a simple and intuitive web interface to modify WebEA configurations
  • Quickly add, remove, duplicate and re-order WebEA model connections
  • Fast configuration: When adding a Model only 4 fields are required. You are then ready to access the model in WebEA
  • Enable or Disable groups of configuration options with a single click
  • Tooltips provide detailed descriptions for each configuration option
  • Quickly jump between WebEA's configuration and the WebEA model selection page
  • Compatible with existing WebEA configuration files

Pro Cloud Server 4: Browser Based WebEA Configuration


Prolaborate v3.2

Pro Cloud Server 4: Prolaborate v3.2


Prolaborate - Graphs and Dashboards to Support Architecture analysis

Prolaborate - Enhancements to foster wider stakeholder engagement on Models

Pro Cloud Server 4: Prolaborate v3.2


WebEA Favorites

Pro Cloud Server 4: WebEA Favourites


You can now opt to have WebEA use the Favorites packages defined in the model. When enabled, WebEA becomes focused specifically on the Favorites packages and their contents.

  • The WebEA model defaults to showing the favorites packages on opening.
  • Return to the Favorites at any time using WebEA's Home button.
  • Enterprise Architect users can assign their favorites and focus only on these packages in WebEA.
  • Create logins for Stakeholders with Favorites already defined, providing a tailored view of the important packages in the project browser

WebEA Enhancements

  • Customize the default WebEA layout. For example, if you have created a Model focused on diagram navigation you can now configure WebEA to hide the Browser and Properties View by default.

  • Change the order used for WebEA's Browser and Object list. Group by Object Type, use EA's 'free sorting', or sort alphabetically.

  • WebEA's Notes editor now allows creation of hyperlinks to external web pages.

  • Improved security and login handling.

  • Additional model information is now available in WebEA, including Attribute/Operation Aliases, Information Items Conveyed, Structured Use Case Scenario Paths, and Predefined Structured Tagged Value types.

Pro Cloud Server 4: Optionally don't show WebEA's Browser in the default layout Pro Cloud Server 4: WebEA's hyperlinks in notes



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