PCS PRO CLOUD SERVER 4 Release Candidate

Discover the major enhancements in Pro Cloud Server 4 and understand how it can elevate your modeling environment

  • Simplified Product family
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  • More flexible licensing

Pro Cloud Server Product Family

Cloud Products

Prior to version 4 the Sparx Systems Cloud Server Product family consisted of 3 separate (but similar) products:

  • Pro Cloud Server
  • Pro Cloud Server Express
  • Cloud Services

Each Product had its own installer, download location and credentials on the Sparx Systems website.

With Pro Cloud Server 4, there is now one product, for all users, no matter what size business or functionality is required. The Pro Cloud Server installer is available from the download page.

Changing Products

With Pro Cloud Server 4, there is no need to install a new product when you require additional cloud functionality.

For example, you can install Pro Cloud Server 4 and (without adding any license) setup and use Cloud Models in Enterprise Architect. If you later decide you want 'Pro Features' such as WebEA access you can simply purchase and add a Pro Cloud Server License and the new functionality will be instantly available.

Pro Cloud Server 4: New Licensing screen


Pro Cloud Server 4: Sample Diagram in WebEA


Pro Cloud Server 4: Integrations


Flexible Licensing


We recognized that there was a significant cost gap between the Pro Cloud Server Express and the premium editions of the Pro Cloud Server, with no way to incrementally purchase functionality as your business needs expand.

With Pro Cloud Server 4, Tokens can be purchased to enable web based users access to Enterprise Architect repositories or to enable Integration Plugins.

Configuration Clients



Windows App
Pro Cloud Server 4: Configuration Client - Windows App
  • Instant access, no further configuration required
  • No third party products required


Which one to Choose?

The Pro Cloud Server now offers the choice of two Configuration Clients:

  1. the traditional Windows based application
  2. the new web based application



Web App
Pro Cloud Server 4: Configuration Client - Web App
  • Secure connectivity when using TLS/SSL
  • Crisp modern interface design
  • One interface for all configuration tasks


WebEA Configuration

Pro Cloud Server 4: WebEA Configuration


Easy WebEA Configuration

WebEA now comes with its own configuration page, so there is no need to manually edit configuration files on the server.

  • Quickly add, remove, duplicate and re-order WebEA model connections
  • Modify WebEA configurations via a simple and intuitive web interface
  • Tooltips provide detailed descriptions for each configuration option
  • Enable or Disable groups of configuration options with a single click
  • Quickly jump between WebEA's configuration and the WebEA model selection page
  • Compatible with existing WebEA configuration files