If you would like to experience the Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server without the hassel of setting up your own environment, you can use the following 3 simple steps and be up and running within minutes.

Download and install Enterprise Architect (if you don't already have it)

Start Enterprise Architect and select 'cloud icon Connect to Cloud' button on the Open Project screen or 'Cloud connection' link on the 'Start Page'.

Connect using the one of the environment listed below

Pro Cloud Server settings:

London Pro Cloud Server*

Name: london-pcs
Protocol: https://
Server: sparxcloud.co.uk
Port: 1805
Model Name: example

Chicago Pro Cloud Server*

Name: chicago-pcs
Protocol: https://
Server: sparxcloud.com
Port: 1805
Model Name: example

Sydney Pro Cloud Server*

Name: sydney-pcs
Protocol: https://
Server: sparxcloud.com.au
Port: 1805
Model Name: example

Watch the video on how to connect to a cloud server

Still undecided?

The following guide aims to familiarize you with the concept of the Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server, and what are the main advantages.

Want to setup your own cloud?

You will need to download a copy of the Pro Cloud Server installer from the Pro Cloud Server Download page, and install it on the server of choice.


Pro Cloud Server InstallationGuide
Enterprise Architect Trial Download
Pro Cloud Server Downloads Page

*Models are read-only, no username or password required