Automation Interface Examples: Reporting

The Automation Interface Example EA Report is used to provide a practical examples of creating reports using the Automation Interface. It uses Visual Basic 6.0 to perform calls to the Automation Interface to retrieve data from an EA repository.

The Add-In provides the following reports;

  1. Full Document report (similar to the RTF report generated in EA)
  2. Use Case report
  3. Requirements reports (external & internal requirements)
  4. Scenario report
  5. Maintenance, testing and system reports

For users simply interested in using the EA Report Add-In in its current form - a downloadable setup file is available under Download. See Examples for a set of reports produced by the Add-In

A reasonable knowledge of Visual Basic is assumed if modifications are to be made to the example. The EA Report Add-In is intended to provide a starting point for users to configure their own documentation layouts.

Available Resources
  Example Documents Some PDF copies of documents produced by this application
  The Application A brief on the application
  Code Details Background on the code
  Download Download the code and the executable
  References Guidelines on the use of the AI

See also:
  Set up VB How to set up Visual Basic
  Call from EA Setting up an Add-In

Guidelines on the Use of the Automation Interface have been provided in the EA help files - please refer to the references above.