6 Steps to Socialize Enterprise Architect Models

Webinar January 2019
In this webinar:
  • Discover the 6 steps to socialize your enterprise model on the web
  • Create curated model views and custom dashboards to improve stakeholder buy-in
  • Foster collaboration by configuring notifications and reminders

Using your enterprise model as the basis, Sparx Systems Prolaborate facilitates seamless engagement and collaboration with your non-modeling community.

In this follow-up webinar to our popular Prolaborate introduction, we show you how to share your model content with wider audiences, including business stakeholders and other non- Enterprise Architect users.

Nizam Mohamed
Nizam Mohamed

Questions from the Audience

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 What version of Sparx Systems Prolaborate was shown in the webinar?

Sparx Systems Prolaborate V3.0.4.

 Does Prolaborate display SysML diagrams?

Yes. All diagrams from Enterprise Architect can be displayed in Prolaborate.

 Can Prolaborate handle multiple end repositories?

Yes, Prolaborate can connect to multiple Enterprise Architect repositories. Sparx Systems Prolaborate can also create multiple projects per Enterprise Architect repository (to further simplify exposing different parts of the model to different users).

 Can I control who can access content within Prolaborate?

Yes. Sparx Systems Prolaborate provides granular access control. This allows you to control read, write and collaborate access to an individual element or an element property. You can also revoke access to a user or group at any time. For details, see the Help topic Access Permission.

 Is Prolaborate available in all editions of the Pro Cloud Server?

Prolaborate is available in the Team and Enterprise Versions of Pro Cloud Server.

 What is the relationship between Pro Cloud Server, Prolaborate and WebEA?

The Pro Cloud Server, Prolaborate and WebEA are all part of the Sparx Systems tool suite. The Pro Cloud Server provides the Web API that is used by Prolaborate and WebEA. The Pro Cloud Server acts as the connection bridge between the Enterprise Architect repository and Web Applications. WebEA is the browser-based application that is used by Enterprise Architect modelers who want to access their models over a Web Browser. WebEA is intended as a lightweight ‘no frills’ window into Enterprise Architect models and makes few concessions to those not familiar with modeling or the numerous features within Enterprise Architect itself. By contrast, Prolaborate is a tailored set of views that reduces complexity, focuses attention and increases the accessibility of model information for non-modelers and others who are more concerned with consuming the model than directly editing it. Prolaborate is the social collaboration software for Enterprise Architect, intended for non-modeling users, business users, managers and all other non-technical users.

To understand the architecture better, refer to the Prolaborate Cloud web page.

 Does Prolaborate require a server-based Enterprise Architect repository?

Yes, Prolaborate can only connect to a server-based Enterprise Architect repository. Prolaborate cannot connect to an EAP file. The EAP file (based on MS Access) is not suitable for a web-architecture with multiple parallel updates.

 Is WebEA enabled with all editions of the Pro Cloud Server?

Yes. To learn more about configuring WebEA models, refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide.

 Does the SQL in the EAReports Widget depend upon the physical technology component chosen, such as MSSQL or MySQL?

Yes, the SQL syntax may vary based on the underlying database, but you can also use the Report Definition window to let Prolaborate do the reports and graphs. (Defining series, chart value, Group by etc). Editing SQL directly is for advanced users with advanced use cases.

 What does a Proof Of Concept (POC) look like in terms of duration, scope and level of support?

Sparx Systems offers full support to help guide you through the initial setup and configuration options. Email Prolaborate@sparxsystems.com for more information about our 30 day trial and establishing a POC.

 Is the Enterprise Architect model shown in the webinar a local file or a cloud-based model?

The Enterprise Architect Model is a SQL Server database hosted in an Amazon Web Service cloud node. The Enterprise Architect model could also be hosted locally using any supported database server. Prolaborate cannot work on flat files (as the EAP or MS Access file structure was not designed for web or cloud-based activity).


 How can I purchase Prolaborate and the Pro Cloud Server?

Email Prolaborate@sparxsystems.com and the team will be able to assist you with any demonstration requests, estimates, purchases, licensing and support.

Please complete the steps listed below:

1. Visit https://prolaborate.sparxsystems.com/pricing
2. Use the pricing calculator to ascertain the indicative costs based on team size and the number of repositories
3. Choose a plan that suits your needs
4. Enter customer details
5. Select Buy Now and Sparx Systems will provide a quote

 Does Prolaborate support Single Sign On (SSO) based on OpenID? How are the Prolaborate user licenses managed in such a case?

SSO based on LDAP (Active Directory) is possible and SAML will be available in Sparx systems Prolaborate version 3.1 (Due late Q1 2019). OpenID is also planned for a future release. Each SSO user will still have a profile created within Prolaborate (similar to other tools like Confluence and Jira). The Profile will allow each user to manage their dashboard, preferences, mail notifications, reminders, etc. Each profile will consume one license.

 How are the Jira, Confluence and SharePoint integration licenses handled?

The Integrations are available in the large team edition (100+) and Enterprise edition. An evaluation, can be made available for 30 days. There are no special licensing conditions or limitations on the number of pages or links that can be shared.

 Do all users need a Prolaborate license? Discuss how the Prolaborate licensing model works?

A Prolaborate license is required for users who intend to use the web portal to view, review, modify, collaborate and undertake impact analysis capabilities. Each user – whether added in Prolaborate or through Single Sign On – will consume one license. The refresh utility in Prolaborate license management will remove any deleted or non-existent users from the AD group periodically.

 Where is Prolaborate SaaS hosted?

Amazon Web Services by default, in the requested region. By default, on AWS in the requested region. It can also be hosted on other cloud providers or using private cloud providers upon request.

 Is it possible to have Prolaborate within the EU and are there any Security Overview documents to be shared?

Prolaborate SaaS is hosted in the region specific to end-user location, it uses AWS so the highest level of security is in place, powered by AWS. Security documents, SLAs, EULAs can be shared on request.

 Can we make a distinction between the use cases where one would use Enterprise Architect and where one would use Prolaborate?

Enterprise Architect is used by modelers and architects who intend to create diagrams and perform other technical analysis, such as database engineering, code engineering, bulk imports / exports, using the client application. Prolaborate is used by non-modelers, and non-technical users who intend to review, edit / add details, comment, feedback and analyze model information via web portals powered by graphs, reports, dashboards, simplified views, etc.

 Can Prolaborate interface with SharePoint, much like it does with Confluence?

Yes. Currently Prolaborate diagrams can be shared in Sharepoint using the Embed macro. A SharePoint extension, similar to the Confluence integration is currently under development.

 Does Prolaborate integrate with AgileCraft?

Not out of the box, but Prolaborate is a web-based application that can easily integrate with any other web tools that support the RestFUL API. Please contact Prolaborate@sparxsystems.com if you require additional information.

 On the dashboard, do you display the shape scripts associated with a component element?

Yes. All elements (with shapescripts) are rendered as they are rendered in the Enterprise Architect diagram.

Jira and Confluence

 How does Confluence version control handle changes in the models?

Currently the diagrams in Confluence are automatically refreshed when the model changes in Enterprise Architect. The changes are not recorded in the Confluence Version control.


 Is Prolaborate a web-based extension for non-architects using Enterprise Architect?

Yes. Prolaborate is the web based portal for the non-modeling, non-architect community, that enables them to interact with the models, helping to drive better decisions.

 Are Enterprise Architect stereotypes included in your mapping mechanism in Prolaborate?

The mapping utility (or MDG designer (aka) Modeling Languages) supports stereotypes packaged using an MDG file. It could be an out of box MDG file or a custom MDG file. It doesn’t handle stereotypes defined using ‘UML Types’ within a repository.

 Is it possible to link an Enterprise Architect diagram into Microsoft Word?

Yes. You can use the command Insert -> Object-> Insert as Link in Word and use the Embed utility of Prolaborate to insert the Enterprise Architect diagram into Microsoft Word.