Web & Mobile-Enabled Team Collaboration with Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

Webinar February 2017
In this introduction to the Pro Cloud Server's Web Portal, you'll learn how to:
  • Present live model content via the web or mobile devices
  • Collaborate with distributed team members to review and manage tasks
  • Get feedback from external project stakeholders, while safeguarding your model

Join us as we preview this exciting new collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect, which connects team members and clients via a live, web-based view of your corporate model or system design. Supporting mobile devices, our new Pro Cloud Server ensures all stakeholders are informed by the live model, and able to contribute feedback from anywhere in the world!

Ben Constable
Ben Constable

Questions from the Audience

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 What Enterprise Architect edition supports Pro Cloud Server?

The Pro Cloud Server is a separately licensed, server-based product. (It does not depend on the desktop installation of Enterprise Architect that you use.)

 What is the cost of the license per server?

We will make this known closer to the official release.

Update: Pricing is now available from the Pro Cloud Server web page:

 When is the expected release date?

We are planning to release the Pro Cloud Server during the second quarter of 2017.

 Does the Pro Cloud Server support HTTPS?

Yes, though this would require your web administrator to configure your web server to support HTTPS is it does not already.

 Is it also possible to limit the visibility of packages in the central model?

Yes - that will be possible via the Pro Cloud Server's 'row-level locking' capability, which is based on a DBMS feature of Oracle and SQL Server.