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Glossary Report Output Sample

An example of the output from a Glossary report is shown here:


Business Terms

Accounting Periods

A defined period of time whereby performance reports can be extracted (normally 4 week periods).


A person or a company that requests an entity to transport goods on their behalf.

Technical Terms


A relationship between two or more entities. Implies a connection of some type - for example, one entity uses the services of another, or one entity is connected to another over a network link.

Component Model

The component model provides a detailed view of the various hardware and software components that make up the proposed system. It shows both where these components reside and how they inter-relate with other components. Component requirements detail what responsibilities a component has to supply functionality or behavior within the system.

Deployment Model

A model of the system as it is physically deployed.

Extends Relationship

A relationship between two Use Cases in which one Use Case 'extends' the behavior of another. Typically this represents optional behavior in a Use Case scenario - for example a user might optionally request a list or report at some point in a performing a business Use Case.