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View Panel

The 'View' panel helps you to define the look and feel of the application. You can set preferences that change the style of the interface to suit the work role you are performing. You can define any number of workspace layouts, saving sets of windows that are specific to a role that ultimately increases your productivity as a modeler. There is a range of preferences you can set to tailor the way the application behaves for you individually, including setting colors, fonts and diagram styles.

Part of the Start ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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Click on the drop-down arrow to display these commands:

  • Select a Perspective - switch to or open the Perspective Portal, from which you can select a Perspective to apply to your Enterprise Architect user interface
  • Open Model Wizard - display the Model Wizard at the 'Model Patterns' tab, showing the last-selected Perspective
  • Clear Current Perspective - reset the system windows and dialogs to display all Patterns and not any group defined by a Perspective
  • Customize List of Available Perspectives - display the Perspective Sets window, where you can filter the Perspectives displayed for selection, or customize your own
  • Help - display the Help topic Introducing Perspectives
Perspectives Model Wizard Perspective Portal Customizing Perspectives


Click on the drop-down arrow to display these options:

  • Select a Workspace - displays the 'Workspace Layout' dialog at the 'Workspace' tab, from which you can select a system-provided Workspace to apply
  • Select a Window - switches to the Window Portal, from which you can select a window to add to the current Workspace
  • Save Current Window Layout - save the current work area layout as a new workspace
  • My Workspaces - displays the 'Workspace Layout' dialog at the 'My Workspaces' tab, on which you can create a new custom Workspace or select and apply an existing customized Workspace
  • My Working Sets - displays the 'Manage Working Sets' dialog, on which you can define the windows and dialogs you want to automatically display when you next log on to Enterprise Architect, either to pick up where you left off or to form a 'home base' for your day-to-day work
  • Set My Default Package - displays the 'Find Package' dialog, from which you select a default Package to select and expand in the Project Browser when the model is loaded; this does not affect, nor is it affected by, any default diagram selected to open when the model is loaded
  • Set My Default Diagram - set either a specific diagram as your default User diagram, or no diagram (which still blocks the Model default diagram - if set - from being displayed automatically)
  • Clear My Default Diagram - cancel the setting of a your user default diagram; the Model default diagram, if set, will display automatically
  • Show Start Page - show or hide the Start Page; this setting persists through shut down and restart, until you specifically change the option
  • Always on Top - force the main Enterprise Architect window to be on top of all other windows
  • Show All Ribbons - if you have applied a Ribbon Set to only show a subset of ribbons, this option restores all ribbons to the ribbon band
  • Manage Views - provides a further menu of options for controlling how a selected view is displayed:
         -  Float View - display the current View as a floating window, allowing it
            to be displayed in 'Full Screen' mode or to be moved to a different
            display monitor
         -  Focus View - set the input focus back to the View that last had focus
            (intended to be accessed via command shortcut keys (Ctrl+Shift+0))
         -  Reload View - load the latest information from the model database,
            to update the display of the current View
         -  Close View - close the current View; you will be prompted to save any
            unsaved modifications
         -  Close All Except Current - close all Views except the current view; you
            will be prompted to save any unsaved modifications
         -  Close All - close all Views; you will be prompted to save any unsaved
         -  Save All Modified Views - for every View that is currently open, save to
            the model database any modifications to the appearance of the View;
            these include modifications such as changes to color, size or position
         -  Auto Hide Active Window - autohide the currently active window
         -  Auto Hide All Docked Windows - autohide all open and docked windows
         -  Close Active Window - close the currently active window
Workspace Layouts Window Portal Diagram Context Menu The Start Page (14.0) Working Sets


Click on the drop-down arrow to display the 'Preferences' dialog, on which you can set the general options of Enterprise Architect. You can control how the system behaves when you open a project, including setting the home directories and web pages the project refers to and how the Project Browser responds when items are selected in it.

Local Options

Full Screen

Click on this icon to toggle Enterprise Architect in and out of 'Full Screen' mode.

Visual Style

Displays the 'Application Look' dialog, on which you can select from a range of visual styles, themes and accent colors. You can also choose options such as displaying window tabs at the top or bottom of the windows and displaying element properties using tree or list style displays.

Visual Styles

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