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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Function Line Reports

After you have run the Profiler on an executing application and generated a Sampler report, you can further analyze the activity of a specific function listed in the report by generating a Function Line report from that item. A Function Line report shows the number of times each line of the function was executed. You produce one Function Line report at a time, on any method in the Sampler report that has a valid source file. The Function Line report is particularly useful for functions that perform loops containing conditional branching; the coverage can provide a picture of the most frequently and least frequently executed portions of code within a single method.

The line report you generate is saved when you save the Sampler report. The body of the function is also saved with the Function Line report to preserve the function state at that time.

Platforms supported

Java, Microsoft .NET and Microsoft native code

Create a Line Report

In the Sampler report, right-click on the name of the function to analyze, and select the 'Create Line report for function' option.

Once the Profiler binds the method, the Function Line report is opened on the Sampler Report window. The report shows the body of the function, including line numbers and text. As each line is executed a hit value will accumulate against that line. A timer will update the report approximately once every second.

From an existing profile, you can profile deeper into function behavior

End Line Report Capture

Once enough information is captured, or the function has ended, click on the Profiler toolbar Stop button to stop recording the capture.

Save Reports

Use the Save button on the Call Stack toolbar to save the Sampler report and any Function Line reports to a file.

Delete Line Reports

Closing the 'Line Report' tab will close that report but the report data will only be deleted when the report is saved.

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