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Test Cut

The Testcut UML Artifact in Enterprise Architect


A Test Cut element is a stereotyped Object element, used internal to Enterprise Architect for defining test sets using the Testpoint code testing facilities.

A task, such as 'Print', might involve operations on different Classes. In order to create a 'Print' test, you would want to include only the 'Print' operations of these Classes and exclude any other operations.

A Test Cut enables you to capture only the operations that represent the behavior (in this case, 'Print') defined for a single Class. You might then place the Test Cut from each of several Classes into a single task as a Test Set.

When you drag a Test Cut element onto a Test Domain diagram, you create a Dependency relationship with the required Class element. As a result, when you select the Test Cut element on the Testpoints Window, the operations of the Class are listed in the window, each with a checkbox. You then select the checkbox against each Class operation to include in the Test Cut.

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Enterprise Architect toolbox image of Testcut element

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