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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Change Diagram Type

If necessary, you can change the type of a diagram to another type. This is useful if you have either made a mistake in selecting the diagram type to begin with, or if the purpose and nature of a diagram changes during analysis.



Layout > Diagram > Options > Change Type

Change a diagram type



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On the 'Change Diagram Type' dialog, click on the 'Select From' header and select the appropriate Perspective group, and then select the Perspective from the panel beneath the header.

The 'Diagram Types' panel displays a list of the diagram types for the selected Perspective; click on the diagram type to change the diagram to.

UML Diagrams


In the Diagram Types panel, click on the diagram type to change to.


Click on the OK button to change the diagram type.

The system checks whether there is a template diagram for this diagram type in the Templates Package and, if so, applies the display characteristics defined in that template.

Set Up Templates Package


  • Some diagram types do not switch to others - for example, you cannot change a Class diagram into a Sequence diagram; you can change, say, a Sequence diagram from one technology into a Sequence diagram from a different technology