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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Properties Window

The docked Properties window provides a convenient and immediate way to view and edit the properties of a wide range of modeling objects and features such as diagrams, elements, connectors, attributes, operations, receptions, responsibilities, maintenance items, project items and tests. When you click on an object in the Browser window or a diagram, the Properties window immediately shows the object's properties, so you can swiftly display the properties of a sequence of objects of different types - element, then attribute, connector and diagram - on the same window without having to open and close separate dialogs.

Each iteration of the window shows the general properties, such as name, object type and status, and properties appropriate to the stereotype, technology, object type and project management. In many cases there is a series of additional tabs appropriate to the specific type of object displayed. You can select values from drop-down lists and work through short chains of property or parameter dialogs directly from the Properties window. Your work with modeling objects becomes quick, precise, comprehensive and convenient, through the use of a single area of your work space.



Start > Desktop > Design | Properties

Design > Element > Editors | Properties

Keyboard Shortcuts



Alt+1 | Properties

Alt+5 | Properties


  • When you click on a field name, a brief summary of that field displays at the bottom of the Properties window, unless you have selected the 'Hide Properties Info Section' checkbox on the 'Window Behavior' page of the 'Preferences' dialog
  • If you click on the field value for an editable field, either a drop-down arrow or a Browse. button displays that enables you to select or browse for a different value; one of the values offered might display a more advanced list or a dialog for adding new objects or selecting multiple objects, as the 'Stereotype' field does
  • When you have made changes to the Properties window, click on the Save icon to apply those changes to the model
  • The Properties window has a 'Hamburger' icon that, when you click on it, provides a number of options that are available when you are displaying the window for an element; it also has a icon that opens the appropriate 'Properties' dialog for editing the properties of the object or feature

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