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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Using the Reading List Artifact

The Reading List Artifact provides a list of elements that contain information of particular significance to a task or process. The intention is for the information from each element to be displayed in the Document window, in the sequence in which the elements are organized in the Reading List. The Document window provides 'Next' and 'Previous' options to move through the elements.

A Reading List Artifact element listing six elements whose contents can be read in the Document window.

Set up a Reading List



Create the Artifact

Drag the 'Reading List' icon onto the diagram from the 'Artifacts' page of the Diagram Toolbox. Double-click on the element to display the 'Properties' dialog and give the element a name; perhaps identifying the subject of the reading list.

Create the Reading List

In the Browser window, identify the elements containing the required information and drag each one onto the Reading List Artifact element. The element names are displayed on the Artifact, in the sequence in which they are added to the Artifact.

The element names are attributes of the Artifact. If you want to change the sequence in which they are listed:

  1. Click on the Artifact and press Ctrl+5. The Features window displays, showing the 'Attributes' page.
  2. Right-click on the attribute to move, and select either the 'Move Up' option or the 'Move Down' option. The attribute moves one space up or down the list for each click.

Read a Reading List

To read the information identified by a Reading List icon, you can either:

  • Right-click on the Artifact and select the 'Show Reading List' option to display the Document window, or
  • Display the Document Window (Start > Desktop > Design > Document) and click on the element name in the Browser window

The information from the first element in the Reading List is shown in the 'Dynamic Documents' tab of the Document window. When you have finished reading this information, click on the [Reading] header and select the 'Next' option to display the information from the next element in the Reading List. As you work down the list, you can also select the 'Previous' option to return to information from an element further up the list.

The Document window provides other options to, for example, use another style template to display the information, or change the display size. These options are available as you review the Reading List.

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