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Code Generation from a Decision Model

Many of the errors that creep into production systems are the result of the misinterpretation of business intention by the technical staff charged with the implementation of a system. These errors are not intentional and even with the best processes in place they can inadvertently find their way into critical systems. The possibility of errors is minimized and almost completely eradicated by Enterprise Architect's Code Generation facility.

This feature allows the straight-through generation of implementation code from the models that have been created, validated and simulated and are asserted to be correct. The code is generated automatically by Enterprise Architect with no need for human intervention, and the target can be in any one of these programming languages:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#

The choice of language will depend on the target system. The generated code can be used in a number of different contexts including:

  • BPSim Execution Engine - an Enterprise Architect facility to simulate Business Process models
  • Executable StateMachine - an Enterprise Architect facility that executes StateMachine models
  • Your organization's proprietary implementation environment deployed as a platform or service