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The System Output Window

The System Output window is used to display information generated by internal Enterprise Architect processes, or by Add-Ins and other third-party tools. The output from each type of operation is generally displayed on its own tab within the window. The System Output window can provide useful information during long-running processes and batch operations; through this window you can, for example:

  • Validate information - many validation processes within Enterprise Architect write out their results to this window
  • Review progress information during the launch of external processes
  • Review command line output from Build and Test scripts
  • Review the output of jobs executed from the Job Queue window
  • Check parse errors generated during import of various types of files
  • Check Audit information
  • Re-dock the Model Search results into a System Output window tab for more convenient reference during various operations



Start > All Windows > Design > Explore > System

Keyboard Shortcuts


Alt+1 | System

Options available on output data

Right-click on an item and select the appropriate context menu option to:

  • Copy the selected item to the clipboard
  • Copy all items to the clipboard
  • Save the output to an external file
  • Clear the output from the window
  • Rollback selected 'Get All Latest' updates to a Version Controlled Package

You can also:

  • Drag the selected items or text out of the System Output window and onto a diagram to quickly create a named element
  • Double-click on model validation errors or parsing errors to display the source of the error
  • Switch between tabs to view different categories of information from different tools


  • (Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect, with Auditing turned on) the 'Audit History' tab of the System Output window shows a history of changes to any element or connector selected from the:
         -  Audit View
         -  Package Browser
         -  Diagram List
         -  Browser window, or
         -  Current diagram

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