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Add-In Search

Enterprise Architect enables Extensions to integrate with the Model Search. Searches can be defined that execute a method within your Add-In and display your results in an integrated way.



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The method that runs the search must be structured in this way.


Defines the XML structure expected by Enterprise Architect to specify search results.

XML Format (Search Data)

In addition to the displayed results, two additional hidden fields can be passed into the XML that provide special functionality.

  • CLASSTYPE - Returning a field of CLASSTYPE, containing the Object_Type value from the t_object table, displays the appropriate icon in the column in which you place the field
  • CLASSGUID - Returning a field of CLASSGUID, containing an ea_guid value, enables the Model Search to track the object in the Browser window and open the Properties window for the element by double-clicking in the Model Search
Create Search Definitions

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