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Code Miner Script

The Code Miner system uses a set of databases to provide fast and comprehensive access to information derived from existing source code. The Intelli-sense features of Enterprise Architect's code editors and its search tools can make use of the information mined from these databases.

Through the Code Miner script pages, you can specify which Code Miner databases to use with a particular project and you can create, update and add new databases to the Code Miner library.  The 'Services' page allows you to specify a local Code Miner library, or that you want to access the library available through the Sparx Intel Service.

Different Code Miner details can be specified for each Analyzer Script, so the Code Miner libraries that are used are determined by the active Analyzer Script.


On the Execution Analyzer window, either:

  • Locate and double-click on the required script and select the 'Code Miner' page    or
  • Click on in the window Toolbar, select the Package in which to create a new script, and select the 'Code Miner' page


Execute > Tools > Analyzer > View Analyzer Scripts > Double-click on Script name > Code Miner > Service

Develop > Source Code > Execution Analyzer > Edit Analyzer Scripts > Double-click on Script name > Code Miner > Service

Keyboard Shortcuts


Sparx Intel Service

A Code Miner Library can be used locally, or it can be deployed to a server location where it can service multiple clients. You select the scenario to use on the 'Code Miner Service' page of the Analyzer Script.

Using a code miner query library in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Code Miner Libraries

The Code Miner Database Libraries are a collection of databases containing information derived from source code.  Together, these databases form the Code Miner Library used by the Intelli-sense features of Enterprise Architect.  Usually, a library would be created for each framework or project.  The Code Miner Libraries page allows new databases to be created, and existing databases to be added, updated or removed from a library.

Code Miner Query Libraries are a collection of functions, written in Code Miner's mFQL language, bundled together into one source file. 

The Code Miner Database Library and Query Library for a given Analyzer Script are specified on the 'Code Miner | Libraries' page of the Script Editor.

Code Miner Query Library in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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