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Mind Mapping

Enterprise Architect has a flexible and easy to use Mind Mapping diagram which can be used for structuring thoughts or for note taking in a variety of situations from stakeholder workshops, focus groups, interviews and collaborative games. They can be used to map the thoughts and ideas of an individual or a group of people and provide a non-confronting and appealing way of recording information. The power of Enterprise Architect can be used to create the Mind Map but then other elements such as a set of Requirements that have been derived from analysis of the Mind Map can be linked back to elements in the Mind Map to show how the Requirements trace back to ideas expressed in a workshop. This provides an effective analysis audit trail of the provenance of Requirements or other solution precursors such as Capabilities, Goals, Business Objectives and more.

Modeling Extended Business Focus Group collaboration in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Mind Mapping Diagram

A Mind Mapping diagram can be used to record a wide range of information in a compelling format that mimics the way we think about ideas as a graph of thoughts. It can also be used in Workshops, Focus Groups and other meetings with Stakeholders or team members as a note taking tool. Other elements in the model can be connected to the Topics and Sub Topics in the Mind Mapping diagram to create relationships between the ideas and their specification or implementation.

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Traceability Window

The Traceability Window is a useful window that allows a modeler to visualize the connections between elements in the repository. This is useful when used with elements in a MindMapping diagram to show how the topics are related to each other but also to view how the topics and sub topics are related to other elements in the repository such as Requirements or System Components.

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