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CSV Export

It is possible to export information about elements from your project in Enterprise Architect to a CSV text file. In this operation you make use of a CSV export specification.

If you intend to re-import the exported information into Enterprise Architect at some point, it is recommended that you include the 'GUID' field in the CSV export specification. This helps Enterprise Architect to identify and update existing elements, rather than create duplicates.



Publish > Model Exchange > CSV > CSV Import/Export

Export Data in CSV Format



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Confirm the name of the current selected Package.


Click on the drop-down arrow and select the name of the existing export specification to use.

CSV Specifications


Click on this button to edit the export specification or create a new one. The 'CSV Import/Export Specification' dialog displays.

CSV Specifications


Type in the name and path of the file to export to, or click on the Browse. button and browse for the file.


Type in the element types to export: leave blank for all, or enter a comma-separated list of types.

If you specify element types, ONLY elements of those types are exported; therefore, to enable the 'Preserve Hierarchy' option in the specification to operate (if selected) you must include 'Package' as an element type, otherwise no Packages are exported in which to preserve the hierarchy.

If you do not specify any element types, all elements including Packages are exported and the hierarchy can be preserved.

Code Page

Displays the Code Page used when importing and exporting. This can be changed via the 'Source Code Engineering' page of the 'Manage Model Options' dialog.

Code Generation Options


Click on the 'Export' radio button to export to file.

Export Column Names

Select this checkbox to include the column names of the fields in the export file.

Include Subfolders

Select this checkbox to include subfolders and their child elements in the export.

Print Results

Click on this button to print out the result list.

View File

Click on this button to view the resultant CSV file with the default Windows application for CSV files.


Click on this button to execute the export.


Click on this button to cancel the export and exit the dialog.


  • In the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have both 'Export XMI' and 'Import XMI' permissions to use the 'CSV Import/Export' option

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