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Create a Message

You can use the 'New Message' tab of the main work area, or the 'Model Message' dialog, to compose messages to project team members within the project, under your Author ID. You use the same tab or dialog to:

  • Reply to messages from other team members
  • Forward messages to other team members
  • Link model components to the message, or add hyperlinks to files or other objects of relevance

The 'New Message' tab displays if the 'Edit Messages in Main Tab View' option is selected on the 'Mail' tab (intray) of the Chat & Mail window. The 'Model Message' dialog displays if that option is not selected.



Start > Collaborate > Mail > Inbox

Start > Collaborate > Mail > Sent Mail

Start > All Windows > Collaborate > Personal > Mail

Start > Collaborate > Mail > Send Message  or

In a diagram or the Browser window, click on an object (or select several objects), then Start > Collaborate > Mail > Send Message with Link

Context Menu

In a diagram or the Browser window, right-click on an object (or select several objects) | Collaborate | Send Message

Create a New Message or Reply to a Message



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If you have selected one or more elements before selecting the context menu 'Send Message' option or ribbon 'Send Message with Link' option, the message editor screen immediately displays with links to each selected object. The recipient of the message will be able to press Ctrl and click on each link to open the 'Properties' dialog for the corresponding object.


Otherwise, the 'Mail' tab of the Chat & Mail window displays. Select the appropriate context menu option to create or open and reply to or forward a message.

The message editor screen displays.

Model Mail


If you are creating or forwarding a message, or you want to send a reply to a wider audience, for each person you intend to send the message to:

  • Click on the To: button
    A list of project team member and group IDs displays
  • Scroll to the required name and double-click on it
    The name is added to the 'To:' field


In the 'Subject' field, type or edit the subject of the message as necessary.


In the 'Flag' field click on the drop-down arrow and on the appropriate flag color or option for your message.


In the text panel, write the text of your message.

You can format the text using the facilities of the 'Notes' toolbar at the top of the field.

Notes Toolbar


If you intend to link a (further) diagram or model object to this message, place the cursor at the appropriate position in your message text, click on the object in the Browser window, and click on the Insert Quick Link button.

A short menu displays, listing the name of the object  you have selected or 'Other' to search for and select another object. To link to the object you selected, click on its name; a hyperlink to that object is inserted in the message text.


If you intend to link to some other object, or you want to link to another target such as a file, Model Search or Library message, click on either:

  • The 'Hyperlink' icon in the message (or Notes) toolbar or
  • The Insert Quick Link button and select the 'Other' option

The 'Hyperlink Details' dialog displays; create the required link.


Click on the Send button to send the message to the recipients.


  • This facility is available in the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect, with User Security enabled (Security provides the user names to address your mail message to)
  • Once you have sent a message, it is listed on the 'Sent' tab in the main work area; in the 'Mail' tab, right-click and select 'Open Sent Messages' to display the 'Sent' tab
  • Your text might contain words that are automatically underlined, these being terms for which a Glossary definition has been created - positioning the cursor over one of these words will display the definition in a pop-up message box; if you do not want to indicate glossary terms, right-click on the text and click on the 'Highlight Glossary Terms' menu option to clear (and restore) the automatic underlines across the system