Extra UML Resources

UML Documentation
The Object Management Group's UML Resource Page and Documentation Page

UML 2.0 Documentation
UML v. 2.0 Super Structure specification is available as a PDF (5.8 MB)

UML Links



Object Management Group (OMG) http://www.omg.org
OMG UML Resource Page http://www.uml.org
Doug Rosenberg's information on Object Orientation and the UML http://www.iconixsw.com
Scott Ambler's information on Object Orientation and the UML http://www.ambysoft.com
Jeff Sutherland's information on Object Orientation http://jeffsutherland.org
Martin Fowler's information on Object Orientation, analysis and design, patterns and the UML http://www.MartinFowler.com
Object Mentor Inc. - information on UML Design Principles http://www.objectmentor.com

Suggested Reading

Title: UML in a NutShell
Author: Sinan Si Alhir
ISBN: 1-56592-448-7
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc
Title: Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML
Author: Doug Rosenberg with Kendall Scott
ISBN: 0-201-43289-7
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Title: Applying Use Cases
Author: Geri Scheider, Jason P. Winters
ISBN: 0-201-30981-5
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Title: Software Reuse
Author: Ivar Jacobson, Martin Griss, Patrik Jonsson
ISBN: 0-201-92476-5
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Title: Business Modeling with UML
Author: Hans-Erik Eriksson, Magnus Penker
ISBN: 0-471-29551-5
Publisher: John Wiley & Son, Inc
Title: Business Component Factory
Author: Peter Herzum, Oliver Sims
ISBN: 0-471-32760-3
Publisher: John Wiley & Son, Inc