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Clone Diagram as New Version

There will be circumstances when a modeler needs to clone a diagram on an ad-hoc basis. Even when a modeler has used the 'Clone Package Structure' facility a diagram might have subsequently been added to the original structure and this diagram can then be cloned separately to ensure the two version are kept synchronized.

Creating a clone of your current model diagram is a simple migration process driven by version number. The diagram migration process builds a clone of your selected diagram and updates it with a user defined version number. All diagram elements contained on the clone diagram are migrated as linked elements to ensure their encapsulation is maintained with the 'As-Is' model.

As the new diagram version evolves, linked diagram elements can be selected and cloned into the new diagram's location as required. This ensures model assets continue to develop seamlessly between the 'As-Is' and 'To-Be' models without crossing over.



Design > Diagram > Manage > Clone Diagram as New Version

Context Menu

Project Browser | Right-click on diagram | Clone Diagram as New Version

Create new clone diagram



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On the 'New version number' dialog, type in the version number for the ('To-Be') clone of the selected diagram, and click on the OK button.

The 'Select Diagram destination' browser displays.


Browse for and select the destination ('To-Be') Package for the clone diagram, and click on the OK button.

The diagram is cloned to the destination Package, and automatically opened in the Diagram View.


Select a diagram to clone.

Select the 'Design > Diagram > Manage > Clone Diagram as New Version' ribbon option

Alternatively, right-click on the diagram in the Project Browser and select the 'Clone Diagram as New Version...' context menu option.

Specify the version number and the target location for the clone diagram. Review the clone diagram when it is automatically opened.


  • Clone Diagrams will be updated with the newly entered version number
  • Project Browser elements in the new structure are linked elements from the 'As-Is' Package source and retain their 'As-Is' version status
  • Note, Text and Boundary elements are cloned into the new version with the diagram
  • You can either select an existing Package or create a new destination Package in the 'Select Diagram destination' dialog