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StateMachine Table Simulation

A StateMachine Table is a representation of a StateMachine, and can be simulated in exactly the same way as a StateMachine diagram.


With a StateMachine displayed in Table form, use any of the methods outlined in this table to start the simulation.


Simulate > Run > Start, or

Simulate > Dynamic Simulation > Simulator > Open Simulator Window > (Start icon)

Context Menu

Right-click on view background | Execute Simulation | <Interpreted or Manual>

Highlight active cells

As the simulation executes, the table cells change color to indicate the:

  • Currently active State(s) - the color set in the 'Highlight Color' field of the 'StateMachine Options: Dialog', and a dark border
  • Potential next States(s) - A variant of the color in the 'Highlight Color' field or, if the 'Use Different Color for Target State' checkbox is selected on the 'StateMachine Options:' dialog, the color set in the 'Target Zone Color' field
  • Active Transition(s) - the color set in the 'Transition Cell' field of the 'StateMachine Options:' dialog
  • Trigger(s) - the color set in the 'Highlight Color' field of the 'StateMachine Options:' dialog
  • Non-active States - gray  

For example:

Signal Triggers

As when running a simulation as a Diagram, the simulation will automatically traverse transitions with no guards or validated guards. Transitions with a Trigger will not be followed unless that Trigger has been fired. They can be fired automatically from the Simulation Events window or you can fire a Trigger manually by right-clicking on the Transition or Trigger cell and select 'Signal Trigger in Simulation'.

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