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Copy Features Between Elements

As well as copying elements between Packages using a diagram, you can also copy features - attributes and/or operations - between elements in a similar way, dragging the features from an element in the Project Browser or Element Browser and dropping them onto another element in a diagram.

Copy a single element feature

Open a diagram containing the target element. In the Project Browser or Element Browser, click on the attribute or operation and drag it onto the element in the diagram.

In this example, the attribute Account is being dragged and copied from the Customer element in the Project Browser into the AccountItem element in a diagram. The process from the Element Browser is, visually, almost identical.

This image shows AccountItem after the attribute Account has been dropped on to it.


  • You can also select and copy multiple features at the same time; you simply press Ctrl or Shift as you select the features in the element in the Project Browser, drag them onto the diagram and drop them into the target element (you cannot copy multiple features from the Element Browser)

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