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Manage Portal

The Manage Portal provides links to the facilities of the system that help you to report on and manage the work that team members are performing on the model.





Show > Window > Show Portals Bar: Manage


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The options in this group help you to monitor the work being performed by the team members, in terms of who is assigned to work on which parts of the model, and the progress of the tasks being performed. Select:

  • Project Gantt Chart - to show the current commitments of each allocated resource in the project as a list of allocation records, with the progress of each allocation
  • Package Gantt Chart - to list the elements in the project that have resources assigned to them, as a list of the resources assigned to each element, with the progress of each allocation
  • Resource Allocation - to display the Resource Allocation window, through which you can create, update and delete the allocation of resources to tasks
  • Project Tasks and Status - to display a quick review of the tasks and issues that relate directly to the project, and a summary of the statistics of the model elements in the project
The Project Status View Resource View Resource Allocation Element View


The options in this group generate a selection of reports to identify tasks that have a specific status, listed by the element they are allocated to. Select from:

  • Recently Finished
  • Tasks Starting Today
  • Overdue Tasks
  • Tasks Ending Today
  • Active Tasks
  • Kanban Diagrams
Pre-defined Searches Kanban Facilities Model Search


The options in this group provide facilities for monitoring: changes to the project, differences between 'snapshots' of the project, and the use of particular objects in the project. Select:

  • Baselines - to display the 'Baselines' dialog for creating and operating on Package Baselines
  • Auditing - to display the 'Audit View' dialog for configuring Auditing, turning it on and monitoring the changes it detects
  • Scripting - to display the 'Scripts' tab of the 'Scripting' dialog, from which you execute existing scripts and create new scripts
The Audit View Scripts Tab Manage Baselines

Package Control

The options in this group are for configuring Packages to save and load in XML format, as a mechanism for supporting distributed development, version control and exchange of model objects between projects. Select:

  • Configure - to display the 'Package Control Options' dialog, on which you define where the controlled Package file is to be stored and under which settings
  • Save Package to File - to immediately export the currently selected  Package to the configured XMI file
  • Load Package from File - to delete the currently-selected Package and replace it from the equivalent .xmi file
  • View Package XMI - to immediately display the XMI for the currently-selected Package
  • Compare Package to XMI - to select an XMI file to compare with the currently-selected Package, and highlight any differences on the Baseline Comparison view
  • Merge Package with XMI - to display the 'Merge Package with XMI' dialog, on which you select the file to merge with the Package and the file path under which to store the merged file
Save a Package The Compare Utility (Diff) Load a Package Controlled Packages Compare Options Merge Package with XMI Editing Source Code Configure Packages

Version Control

These options are for placing controlled Packages under a configured external Version Control system. Select:

  • Configure Package - to display the 'Package Control Options' dialog, on which you define the version control system within which to store the controlled Package files
  • Validate Configuration - to immediately validate the version control settings for the currently-selected Package, and show the results on the System Output window
  • Version Control Settings - to display the 'Version Control Settings' dialog specific to the external Version Control system you are using, to configure the use of that Version Control system
Version Control Settings Validate Package Configurations Version Control Configure Packages

Element Tools

These options help you to examine a wide range of properties, characteristics and features of a specific element in your model. Select:

  • 'Browse' - to display the Element Browser, exposing all the 'attached' features of the currently-selected element
  • 'Properties' - to display the Properties window, showing all the internal properties of the currently-selected element
  • 'Resources' - to display the Resource Allocation window, through which you can view, allocate, update and remove resources tasked to work on the element
  • 'Maintenance' - to display the 'Defects' version of the Maintenance window, through which you can view, create, update and delete Defect  items for the currently-selected element
  • 'Testing' - to display the Testing window, through which you can view, create, update and delete test records for the currently-selected element, for any of the six test types
Create Maintenance Items Working On Test Records Properties Window The Element Browser Resource Allocation

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