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Object Workbench

This section describes the Object Workbench, a tool in Enterprise Architect debugging that lets you create objects from your class model. The Workbench allows multiples instances of any class to coexist in the same session. Each Object can serve as the target of a method you want to invoke. They can also participate as parameters in methods you invoke. The Object Workbench is supported for the Java and Microsoft .NET platforms.



See also

Guide and requirements for using the Object Workbench.

Workbench Setup

Explains what Workbench objects are, and how to create them.

Create & Delete Workbench Instances

Explains how to execute methods on a Workbench Object and provides information on passing arguments.

Using the Workbench

Explains stepping through a method's execution using the debugger.

Explains how to record a method and produce a sequence diagram.

Invoke Methods

Explains how to delete a Workbench Object once you are finished with it.

Explains how to shutdown the debugger and close the Workbench once you have finished with it.