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Architecture Framework

An architecture Framework contains both the tools and the methods for creating and managing enterprise architectures. This includes the processes and tools that are used to create the architectures, the repository that stores the architecture content, and the organization of the team, including guidance on how to create the architectures and the governance of the teams that implement the architectures.

Enterprise Architect is a powerful and fully featured platform that provides all the facilities required to create, operate and manage an architectural framework. The tool can be used to define and operate an architecture process or method and has support for the leading industry frameworks such as The Open Group's Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and the Zachman Framework. Enterprise Architect can also act as the repository for architectural content and can store architectures at Strategic, Tactical or Solution levels and across the Business, Information, Application and Technology Domains.

The tool has been developed by practitioners and has a pragmatic and practical feature set that can be used to create content and views that will appeal to executive, management and operational level stakeholders alike. Content from a wide range of sources can be imported into Enterprise Architect allowing the architect to reuse existing architectural assets that reside in other tools.