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Download Libraries

You use the 'Download Libraries' dialog to download Learning Center Library files from a Reusable Asset Service (RAS) Registry into your local file system, and install them into Enterprise Architect. Once the library files are installed, you can use the 'breadcrumb' path at the top of the Learning Center View to display the topics (that is, short task guides) in the Library, which describe how to achieve specific objectives in a work area.



Start > Help > Libraries > Download

Download Libraries from Registry



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This field normally defaults to the last-used Reusable Asset Service (RAS) server name.

By default, the dialog is pre-configured to connect to the Sparx Systems Learning Center Library. You can switch to a different server using the 'Cloud Connection' dialog, which you display by clicking on the button to the right of the field.

Connect to Registry via Cloud

Download To

Type in the location to which the Library files are to be saved, or click on the button and browse for the location.


Lists the available Library files in the specified server, when you click on the Find Libraries button.

Select the checkbox against each required Library file and click on the Install Libraries button to download the selected Library files.

Find Libraries

Click on this button to connect to the specified server and retrieve the names of the available Library files.

Install Libraries

Click on this button to start downloading and installing the selected Library files. The system prompts you to confirm the download; click on the Yes button.


Click on this button to close this dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help topic.


  • The progress of downloading and installing the selected Library files will be indicated in the System Output window
  • Once a Library is successfully installed, you can view it in the 'breadcrumb' path of the Learning Center window
  • If the Learning Center window is already open when downloading a Library, close and re-open the window to include the installed Library in the 'breadcrumb' path
  • Installed Libraries can be enabled or disabled using the 'Manage Libraries' dialog

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