Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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UPDM Add-In and Technology

Enterprise Architect makes use of MDG Technologies to extend its capabilities in specific domains. The MDG Technology for UPDM is automatically loaded by the UPDM Add-In if the Add-in is enabled.

As well as enabling the Add-In, you must enable the MDG Technology. This happens automatically the first time you run Enterprise Architect after installing the UPDM Add-In, but thereafter you can enable and disable the MDG Technology as required, and its state is persisted to the next time you run Enterprise Architect.

Enable Technology

Configure > Technology > Manage

To enable or disable the MDG Technology on the 'MDG Technologies' dialog, click on the 'Enabled' checkbox against the 'UPDM 2.0' entry and click on the OK button. You must restart Enterprise Architect for changes to take effect.

You might also want to select the UPDM Technology and click on the Set Active button; this then flags the entry with an asterisk (*). Making a Technology active opens all Toolbox pages that have been defined as Common. The MDG Technology for UPDM has a long, common Toolbox page named 'All UPDM Stereotypes', which lists the UPDM stereotypes in alphabetical order; this can be very useful for finding stereotypes if you don't know which View they are commonly used in.

Enable Add-In

Extend > Configure > Manage Add-Ins

The 'Manage Add-Ins' dialog lists the currently installed Add-Ins. If the UPDM 2.0 Add-In 'Status' is set to 'Disabled', select the 'Load on Startup' checkbox and restart Enterprise Architect.

To display the UPDM Technology menu, select the 'Extend > Add-Ins > UPDM 2.0' ribbon option. The menu options display underneath. The menu and the options it offers are described in the UPDM Extensions Menu topic.

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