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Implementation Targets Dialog

When you generate an Implementation report, by default it includes only certain element types, such as Use Cases and Requirements. If you want to include other element types, you can add them to the report parameters using the 'Implementation Targets' dialog.



Construct > Project > Status > QA Reports and Use Case Metrics > Implementation Details : Set Target Types

Include other element types in report



See also

Targets - Active

Lists the types of element that the Implementation report includes.

If you do not want to include a type of element in your report, double-click on it to remove it from the list. The element type is then displayed in the Targets - Available list.

Targets - Available

Lists the types of element that could be included in the report but are currently not.

If you want to include any of these types of element in your report, double-click on each one to transfer it to the Targets - Active list.


Click on this button to close the 'Implementation Targets' dialog and immediately refresh the Implementation report with details on the additional element types.