Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Upgrade a Project

The structure of Enterprise Architect project files is occasionally changed to support more features. In such cases, the project might have to be upgraded. Upgrading to the new file structure is a simple and quick process that brings your project to the current level to:

  • Ensure correct operation and
  • Support all the latest Enterprise Architect features

Initial Check

When you load a project that was created in an earlier release of Enterprise Architect (for example, an archived project) using a recent release of Enterprise Architect, the system determines whether the project should be upgraded and, if the upgrade is necessary, displays the Upgrade Wizard.

The Upgrade Project Wizard

The Upgrade Project Wizard takes you through the upgrade process and:

  • Advises you of the necessity to upgrade
  • Advises you to back up the current project; it is essential to back up before any changes are made
  • Checks which upgrade path is required
  • Guides you through the steps to perform the upgrade
  • Opens the newly converted project


  • If you are using replication in your models, and the upgrade wizard detects that the project you are opening is a replica and not a Design Master, a different upgrade path is required
  • Once upgraded, the project cannot be opened with the version of Enterprise Architect in which it was created

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