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Why Use Decision Model and Notation

There are many reasons for using DMN at an Enterprise or Initiative level that will result in both business and technical value. There are many benefits described in the next topic but the most compelling of these are:

Reduced Complexity

As discussed earlier, currently business rules and decisions are commonly located in a myriad of places and in a wide variety of formats. A common place to find them is in Business Process Diagrams that are overly complex with cascading sets of Gateways that describe the outcomes. The diagrams are commonly unwieldy and do little to reveal the inputs, business knowledge, authorities or the logic of how the decisions are made.

Automation and Execution

As the Business Analysts define the decisions, inputs, business knowledge and the technologists elaborate the logic in the form of Expressions and Decision Tables, potentially creating Decision Services, the models can be used to generate programming language code that can be executed to automate the decisions and make them available to runtime systems.

Agility and Responsiveness to Change

As a result of separating the decision models from the Business Processes models and creating an implementation and automation pipeline, the business and technology teams can respond at record speed to business change. These models then become a platform that facilitates agility and the seizing of opportunities.