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Input Data

An InputData types to an ItemDefinition and carries values used for Decisions.



Simulate > Decision Analysis > DMN > DMN Expression, then select / create an InputData


Double-click on a DMN InputData

Toolbar Options



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Click on this button to save the configuration to the current InputData.

Click on this button to select an ItemDefinition as the type of this InputData.

Click on this button to open the ItemDefinition element that types this InputData.

Click on this button to open the dialog for editing data sets for this input data.

Each InputData can define multiple data sets. With this feature, the DMN Simulation can quickly test the results of a decision by choosing different data sets.

Click on this button to validate the InputData. Enterprise Architect will perform a series of validations to help you identify errors in the InputData.

DMN Decision Table Validation

Auto Completion

If the typing ItemDefinition has a defined 'Allowed Value', then the value for the InputData can be simply chosen from the enumerations.

Auto-filling value fields in a DMN InputData Decision Table in the context of an Item Definition using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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