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Add and Manage Diagrams

This is an example of the code for creating a diagram and adding an element to it. Note the optional use of the element rectangle setting, using left, right, top and bottom dimensions in the AddNew call.

     Sub DiagramLifeCycle

          Dim diagram as object

          Dim v as object

          Dim o as object

          Dim package as object

          Dim idx as Integer

          Dim idx2 as integer

          package = m_Repository.GetPackageByID(5)

          diagram = package.Diagrams.AddNew("Logical Diagram","Logical")

          If not diagram.Update Then


          End if

          diagram.Notes = "Hello there this is a test"


          o = package.Elements.AddNew("ReferenceType","Class")


          '' add element to diagram - supply optional rectangle co-ordinates

          v = diagram.DiagramObjects.AddNew("l=200;r=400;t=200;b=600;","")

          v.ElementID = o.ElementID



     End Sub