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EA_OnRetrieveModelTemplate requests that an Add-In pass a model template to Enterprise Architect. This event occurs when a user executes the 'Add a New Model Using Wizard' command to add a model that has been defined by an MDG Technology.


Function EA_OnRetrieveModelTemplate (Repository As EA.Repository, sLocation As String) As String

The EA_OnRetrieveModelTemplate function syntax contains these parameters.



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Direction: IN

Description: An EA.Repository object representing the currently open Enterprise Architect model. Poll its members to retrieve model data and user interface status information.

Repository Class



Direction: IN

Description: The name of the template requested; this should match the location attribute in the <ModelTemplates> section of an MDG Technology File.

Return Value

Return a string containing the XMI export of the model that is being used as a template.

Return an empty string if access to the template is denied; the Add-In is to handle user notification of the error.


Public Function EA_OnRetrieveModelTemplate(ByRef Rep As EA.Repository, ByRef sLocation As String) As String

Dim sTemplate As String

Select Case sLocation

Case "Templates\Template1.xml"

sTemplate = My.Resources.Template1

Case "Templates\Template2.xml"

sTemplate = My.Resources.Template2

Case "Templates\Template3.xml"

sTemplate = My.Resources.Template3

Case Else

MsgBox("Path for " & sLocation & " not found")

sTemplate = ""

End Select

EA_OnRetrieveModelTemplate = sTemplate

End Function

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