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Set Default Behavior

The 'General' page of the 'Preferences' dialog provides several options for altering the look and behavior of the Project Browser.



Start > Workspace > Preferences > Preferences > General




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Double-click On Browser

Select the appropriate radio button for the required action when an item in the Project Browser is double-clicked:

  • 'Shows Properties' -  The item's 'Properties' dialog (if available) displays
  • 'Opens Branch' - The hierarchy expands to show the item's children; if there are no children, nothing happens
  • 'Opens Branch & Diagram' - The hierarchy expands to show the item's children, and also opens the first diagram beneath the item, if applicable

Project Browser

Select the appropriate checkboxes to engage particular facilities in the Project Browser:

  • 'Confirm Deletes' - This checkbox defaults to selected to display a confirmation prompt whenever you delete a model component; only clear the checkbox to bypass the prompt if you are an experienced user and have taken other measures to identify and recover from accidental deletes
  • 'Allow Free Sorting' - Select this checkbox to be able to re-order elements listed within a Package regardless of type, in the Project Browser
  • 'Show Stereotypes' - Select this checkbox to display element stereotype names in front of the element name, in the Project Browser (you must shut down and restart Enterprise Architect for this change in setting to take effect); you assign a stereotype to an element in its 'Properties' dialog
Delete Elements from Diagram and Model Delete Diagrams Order Package Contents