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Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

Various context menu options can also be invoked using a single keyboard key, or a combination of keys, referred to as shortcuts. You can assign your own shortcut keys to either the standard options or your customized options, to suit your work practices or other applications.



Start > Workspace > Preferences > Customize > Keyboard

Create or modify a keyboard shortcut



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Click on the drop-down arrow and select the name of the context menu containing the command to assign a shortcut to.


Scroll through the list of commands and click on the one to assign the shortcut key(s) to.

If the command already has a shortcut key it is shown in the 'Current Keys' field.

Press New Shortcut Key

Click on this field and press the shortcut key(s) to assign to the command.

Press the actual keys to use; for example, to assign F5 press the F5 key, do not press F and then 5.


Click on this button to assign the key to the command.

The button is disabled if the selected keyboard shortcut is already used for another command; if this occurs the command it is assigned to is shown in the 'Assigned to' field, and you must select a different shortcut key.


To remove a shortcut, select it in the 'Current Keys' field and click on this button. The shortcut is immediately removed.

Reset All

Click on this button to reset all commands to the default set of shortcut keys. All keys that you have assigned are removed.


Click on this button to close the dialog, saving all keys that you have assigned.


  • You can assign more than one shortcut to a command if you wish, although it is simpler to have one shortcut per command
  • Modified shortcut keys are stored in the registry, so they are available only to you and not to other users