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Keyboard-Mouse Shortcuts

When you work on an aspect of your model within a diagram, there are a number of operations you can perform quickly using a combination of keyboard keys and the computer mouse.

Keyboard/mouse combinations



Create an element of the same type as was last created on the diagram.


Display the element 'Properties' dialog for the element shown in the scenario 'Context References' tab.


Select a number of individual objects for an operation.

Ctrl+click each object

Select a range of objects for an operation.

Shift+click on the first and last object in the range

Move the selected elements along the horizontal axis or vertical axis.

Shift+hold left mouse button and drag

Create a bend in and change the direction of the connector line.

Shift+hold left mouse button and drag

Move the selected elements in any direction, including diagonally.

Alt+hold left mouse button and drag

Zoom in to or zoom out of the diagram.

Ctrl+ mouse scroll wheel

Pan the diagram horizontally or vertically.

Ctrl+Shift+hold left mouse button and drag