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Diagram Shortcuts

When you have a diagram open, you can use a set of single-stroke keyboard keys to move between, select and operate on the elements and connectors in the diagram.

Operations with Quick Keys

Quick Key


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Enter, comma (,) or period (.)

When no element is currently selected, select the element nearest the top left corner of the diagram, or section of diagram in view.

Arrow keys

Select the next element on the diagram above, below, to the left or to the right of the current element; when moving left or right, the selection tends to be upwards rather than downwards.


Keep an element selected as you move to another element (using the keyboard arrow keys), so that you can select multiple elements using the keyboard.

Operations on Multiple Elements

Q, F (element name) or F2 (property)

If no element property is selected, highlight the element name for in-place editing.

If you have selected an element property, enable it for in-place editing.

In-place Editing Options


Select the first editable feature of the item in focus.

This is generally the element name but if you select a Tagged Value that has multiple system-defined values (such as the SearchName tag) you can cycle through the list of values to obtain the correct one.

In-place Editing Options


Open and/or shift focus to the Notes window.



Open and/or shift focus to the Properties window.

Properties Window


Open and/or shift focus to the Relationships window.

The Relationships Window


When you have selected an operation, open the 'Features' dialog at the 'Operations' tab.

Define Properties of Operations


When you have selected an attribute, open the 'Features' dialog at the 'Attributes' tab.

Create and Manage Attributes


Display the 'Generate Code' dialog for the selected element, to generate code from it.

Generate a Single Class


Synchronize the code generated from the selected element with the element content.


Add a way-point to the current connector. (This does not act on every line style.)

, (comma)

Move focus to the parent element of the currently-selected child element, on the diagram

. (period)

Move focus to the nearest child element closest to the top left of the selected parent element, on the diagram.


Toggle snap-to-grid on and off on the diagram.


Display the 'New Element' dialog to create a new element.

Add Elements Directly To Packages

? or /

Toggle between the current (source) element and its connector.

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