Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Cloud Server Installation

This information applies to both the free Sparx Systems Cloud Service and the separately-purchased editions of the Pro Cloud Server (which incorporate the Sparx Systems Cloud Service). The basic installation process is quite straightforward and you, as the System or Network Administrator, can install and/or configure some of the components at a later time, allowing you to set up your working service in stages.

If you have been using the Sparx Systems Cloud Service or the Sparx Systems WAN Optimizer and you want to replace it with Pro Cloud Server on the same machine, it is recommended that you specifically uninstall the Sparx Systems Cloud Service and/or Sparx System WAN optimizer to avoid any conflicts. The Cloud Services components of Pro Cloud Server will use the same configuration, directories and ports as the original installation.

  • If you have purchased an edition of the Pro Cloud Server, you will receive an email explaining the download procedure for the installer, which will also be held in the 'Registered User' section of the website and, when downloaded, will add a Pro Cloud Server icon to your desktop

Both installing the Cloud Service and editing the configuration files require you to have Administration rights; right-click on the Cloud Services icon or Pro Cloud Server icon and select 'Run as Administrator'.

The 'Sparx Systems (Pro) Cloud Services Setup' dialog displays.

Installation Steps

The 'Sparx Systems (Pro) Cloud Services Setup' dialog helps you to install the components of the Cloud Service. When it displays:

  1. Click on the Next button.
  2. Select the option to accept the End User Licence Agreement.
  3. Click on the Next button on that page, and on the next two pages of the dialog, to display the 'Select Features' page.
  4. For a simple default installation on the one machine, go straight to step 6.
  5. If you want to install or block specific components to, for example, have different components on separate machines, refer to the Cloud Server Components table and the Installation Options table, then return here to step 6.
  6. Click on the Next button. The system installs the Cloud Services components and displays a message to indicate success.
  7. Click on the Finish button. Now refer to the Cloud Server Configuration Help topic.

Cloud Server Components

The 'Select Features' page lists three (Cloud Services) or five (Pro Cloud Server) components. Each component can be controlled separately by clicking the small image in front of the component name and selecting the option you require.



Sparx Cloud Services / Sparx Pro Cloud Services

This component is the Windows service that will accept connections from Enterprise Architect and the management client. For Pro Cloud Server, this includes the Sparx Systems Keystore Server. The default option is to install this component.

Generally, the only time you would block installation of this component is when you have already installed it on one machine and are now installing other components on a different machine.

Cloud Management Client / Pro Cloud Management Client

The Management Client supports the execution of management tasks, including the configuration of which databases a Cloud Service should connect to, and setting a number of server options.

The default option is to install the component; Sparx Systems recommends that the Management Client should be installed whenever the Cloud Service is installed.


(For a Pro Cloud Installation); this option installs the WebEA application files (PHP, CSS and Javascript) that enable a web user to view an Enterprise Architect model on a mobile, android or remote desktop machine without having to install Enterprise Architect on that device.

The default option is to install this component; you can unselect this component if you do not plan to use WebEA.


(For a Pro Cloud installation) Row Level Security; this option installs a set of SQL scripts to be applied to your MS SQL Server or Oracle based Enterprise Architect models that require the Visibility Levels feature.

The default option is install this component; you can unselect this component if you do not plan to use the Visibility Level functionality.

IIS Integration

An optional component providing integration with IIS.

The default option is to not install this component; however, if your server requires advanced authentication methods available through IIS then this component should be installed.


(For a Pro Cloud Installation); this option installs a special reduced-functionality version of Enterprise Architect that has the sole purpose of generating diagrams and linked documents that are viewable by the WebEA application. The Worker can be configured to run against a single repository every x number of seconds.

The main benefit of this component is to allow clients to use builds of Enterprise Architect prior to build 1350 and still have their changes viewable in WebEA. However, if your entire user base is using Enterprise Architect build 1350 (or later) then the Worker feature is not required.

The default option is to install this component; you can unselect this component if you do not plan to use Worker.

Installation options



Install feature locally

Select to install the feature on the current machine.

Install entire feature

Select to install the feature and all items that it owns in the tree; effectively the same as 'Install feature locally'.

Install on demand

An msi command that only installs the feature when a user tries to access it; not recommended for any Sparx Systems Cloud Services features.

Don't install

Select this option to not install a component/feature.